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Confidently groomed and inspired, exacting women know what they want. Cosmetics with active substances found only in nature.

Those who seek shall find – this truism applies well to Annemarie Lindner. Annemarie, the founder of Börlind, who died in 2016, kept her pioneering spirit and courage until she reached a ripe old age, driving the implementation of new ideas in natural cosmetics with typical élan. It’s a quality that her son Michael Lindner also possesses. No wonder he became intrigued when, while sampling a truffle dish in the Piemont, he learned about the effect this member of the Tuber genus has on the skin. Could this rarity, so prized in haute cuisine, be useful in natural cosmetics as well? In the company’s laboratory in Calw in Germany’s Black Forest, truffles, in a sophisticated combination with other active ingredients, was found to have smoothing, regenerating and firming effects. And thus was created the heart of the NATUROYALE systematic care series, an innovative bio lifting complex made of white truffle extract, botanical hyaluronic acid and vitamins.

A tasty, highly effective fungus This premium line embodies Annemarie Lindner’s personality and visions especially well. The NATUROYALE series was one of her pet projects. The line represents the quintessence of her creative work. “It is my mother’s legacy to powerful women who desire a highly advanced natural beauty care,” explains Michael Lindner. This is one of the reasons why the anti-aging NATUROYALE care system has now been given a new look. The gentle green of the linden tree’s foliage is combined with a warm gold tone on the jars and dispensers. The luxurious products are wrapped in delicate tissue paper printed with the leaf of the linden tree. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND’s products have for decades been decorated with this leaf, a reference to their botanical ingredients. The goal was to draw attention externally to the high quality of the formulations hidden within the packaging.

“NATUROYALE accompanies beautiful skin into the future,” says Guylaine
Le Loarer, Head of Research and Development at ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND NATURAL BEAUTY. This anti-aging line supports the beauty of women who have achieved plenty and now prefer to live relaxed lives. Who satisfy their curiosity and know what is good for them, and who continue to write the story of their beauty in their own way.

Anti-aging innovation from the earth The key to the line’s effectiveness is the bio lifting complex that ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND NATURAL BEAUTY has developed, which combines selected natural ingredients with state-of-the-art knowledge from scientific research. The white truffle extract that is used stimulates cell regeneration and activates the skin’s own regeneration. Botanical hyaluronic acid forms a protective layer on the skin. Because it can bind to large amounts of water, it ensures intensive hydration of the skin from the inside. Combined with vitamins, both substances smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, the individual products contain other anti-aging ingredients, like the sea daffodil in the NATUROYALE Serum. It reduces melanin production and helps to balance out hyperpigmentation naturally. Paracress extract, which strengthens the collagen network and stimulates cell division, is used in the day cream. In order to support connective tissue while you are sleeping and optimize collagen formation, the night cream contains extract of white lupine. For lip and eye care, Szechuan pepper relaxes these sensitive areas of your face.

An interview with … Guylaine Le Loarer, Head of Research and Development at ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND NATURAL BEAUTY

Innovation in natural cosmetics

How did BÖRLIND GmbH come to work with truffles?
We were looking for luxury ingredients. We reject caviar out of principle, because of
its animal origin. We had
also thought about diamonds, but the best thing in haute cuisine is the truffle. It seemed fitting for this series. What substances does it contain?
White truffle contains numerous amino acids and B vitamins. For example, vitamin B3, like retinol (vitamin A1), builds up con- nective tissue and inhibits enzymes that break down collagen.

An effective combination for your complexion

When used daily, the products of the NATUROYALE care range bring out a palpable and visible lifting effect. The skin very quickly becomes smoother, firmer and more hydrated,” explains Guylaine Le Loarer. “After 28 days we observed an 18 percent reduction in wrinkles with the day cream and a 15 percent increase in skin smoothness with the serum.
The depth of wrinkles decreased by 20 percent with the night cream, and the eye and lip contour cream led to a 15 percent increase in firmness.” Proven, palpable effects as well as fragrance and silkiness are and remain the hallmarks of NATUROYALE, the luxurious way to care for exacting, mature skin. Annemarie Lindner’s legacy to all the powerful women
of this world.

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