Simply Nature is committed to bringing you the highest quality natural health and wellbeing products in a manner that upholds values of environmental and social responsibility.

The company has its roots in Germany’s Black Forest, the home region of the two founders and owners of Simply Nature Pty Ltd.

Known for the famous Black Forest gateau and the cuckoo clock, the Black Forest is also Germany’s largest nature park, characterized by unspoilt landscapes, vast forests, open mountain peaks, lakes and charming valleys.

In this environment, Annemarie Börlind Natural Beauty has been developing and producing natural cosmetics for 60 years and Simply Nature has now brought the brand to Australia as their authorised local distributor.

Annemarie Börlind Natural Beauty – Made in the Black Forest

Annemarie Börlind stands for natural cosmetics with proven efficacy, which is developed from singular raw materials through innovative and sustainable action.

Using the latest scientific know-how to discover the hidden potential of nature for you with pioneering research. Experience the effects of the state-of-the-art natural cosmetics. Developed and produced in the Black Forest.

Pioneering spirit – research and development

At Annemarie Börlind, innovative research and an appreciation of nature complement one another. From this combination, the company has created effective natural cosmetic products whose efficacy and tolerability have been scientifically confirmed.

As early as the 1970s, Annemarie Börlind stood out as a pioneer in natural cosmetics when it brought its LL REGENERATION care system range on the market. The regenerating products focused on the topic of anti-aging before the term had even become established in the field of cosmetics. Ongoing investments in research and development have paid off.

In 1997, Annemarie Börlind received the Dr. Rudolf Eberle Prize for innovations in emulsion technology. Also in 1997, the company brought the first natural cosmetics product containing skin-identical ceramides on the market. The innovation of the brand can be further seen in the use of fresh papyrus cells to strengthen the skin barrier and botanical hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin. Over 60 additional awards and honours from the industry and over 40 “very good” test ratings from Stiftung Warentest (German consumer organisation) and Öko-Test (German-language consumer magazine) confirm the commitment to continually improving natural cosmetics through innovative research.

The search for the next new ingredient takes high priority at Annemarie Börlind. It’s own active scouts and a valuable supplier network are on the search worldwide for new natural substances that are then processed at the headquarters in the Black Forest using it’s own deep spring water. And today they therefore use the high-quality nectar of torch lilies from the south of France as well as oil of rose cherries and botanical caviar from Brittany, which transform the Beauty Pearls into an effective protective shield for the skin.

Most recently, as part of an international research project in cooperation with an Italian research institute the production and efficacy of stem cells from the Black Forest Rose was analyzed. As a result, two high-quality and highly effective extracts were developed which are now used exclusively in Annemarie Börlind products.

For every skin type: the Annemarie Börlind product range

Different skin types and complexions need different types of care. With its wide product range, Annemarie Börlind – Natural Beauty addresses these individual needs. In the categories of care system ranges and extra-care products, everyone can find products that meet their wants and needs.

The care system ranges offer sophisticated daily care for all skin types. No matter whether you have sensitive or dehydrated skin, skin in need of re- generation, or blemished or combination skin – each of the available ranges feature products formulated to work perfectly together for the following skin care steps: cleansing, strengthening, daytime protection, and night care.

With its extra-care products Annemarie Börlind also offers many special innovations, such as the Beauty Pearls to protect the skin against free radicals and the highly concentrated Beauty Shots to give you immediate results. These products complement the care system ranges and have a targeted effect to meet the needs of your skin type.

Responsible use of nature

As a pioneer of natural cosmetics, Annemarie Börlind Natural Beauty has been committed to sustainability, even before a general awareness for this topic had developed. This is evident in that the company not only uses its own, genuine pure deep spring water, but also in it conservation of resources.

In some cases, Annemarie Börlind uses “nature-identical” ingredients and in this way protects endangered plant species and avoids putting them at further risk through commercial use. Annemarie Börlind has never used extracts from dead animals and – whenever possible –plants from certified organic farming or that grow in the wild are used. No raw materials from genetically modified organisms are ever used.

All Annemarie Börlind products are vegetarian, and many are vegan – however, in certain cases natural substances are used, such as bees- wax for their special properties if they cannot be obtained otherwise. All products are labelled accordingly. Silicones and mineral oil derivatives (such as parabens and paraffins) are completely omitted.

At the company’s location in the Black Forest, sustainability is implemented on a daily basis – be it through an excellent energy efficiency, the use of green power, or the “green fleet” of vehicles.

Real value

Starting with the introduction of the first products in 1959, the Annemarie Börlind Natural Beauty brand has stood for pure and healthy natural cosmetics. Before this Annemarie Lindner, a cosmetologist by profession, had successfully used natural ingredients to cure her own skin problems. Together with her husband Walter Lindner and her business partner at the time Hermann Börner, she wanted to make her skin care innovations available to a larger customer base. With this step, the foundation for the continuous development of the product range was laid.

This pioneering spirit has made for the long-term success of the brand in over 38 countries and is also reflected in numerous awards for developments and sustainable action. Since 2012, the company has been proud of its CSE sustainability seal (Certified Sustainable Economics), which certifies that the corporate management works in an ecologically responsible, socially integrated, and quality-oriented manner.

Responsibility also includes the careful selection of its suppliers. Ecological and ethical processing must be guaranteed just as must fair working conditions, fair remuneration, and absolutely no child labour.

In addition, the company places high priority on supporting projects around the globe that in a special way express the brand philosophy of Annemarie Börlind. Its involvement extends from a shea butter project in Mali, which creates a fair livelihood for local families and a boarding school in Bangledesh, to support for the project “Rosen statt Opium” (Roses instead of opium) in Iran.

The maxim of careful continual development is also reflected in the fact that alongside Michael Lindner, Annemarie Lindner’s son, the third generation is ready to successfully lead the family company Annemarie Börlind into the future.