It suits me – Annemarie Börlind skincare ranges

Not all skin is the same. That’s why daily skin care products should be carefully coordinated with each other. Where to find them?Take a look at the Annemarie Börlindskincare ranges – Made in Germany’s Black Forest! Our body’s delicate membrane knows what it wants. We just have to recognize what it really needs in order […]

Time out from everyday life

Category: About Natural Beauty Cleansing, regenerating, invigorating, moisturising, soothing and more – masks perform cosmetic magic. Whether light gels or rich creams, facial masks are an indispensable component of any beauty routine. A fast-paced, active lifestyle, and sun and environmental influences, all leave their mark on your face. Masks to the rescue! They give you […]

A guide into the future

Confidently groomed and inspired, exacting women know what they want. Cosmetics with active substances found only in nature. Those who seek shall find – this truism applies well to Annemarie Lindner. Annemarie, the founder of Börlind, who died in 2016, kept her pioneering spirit and courage until she reached a ripe old age, driving the […]

Blue light and its effect on your skin

Laptop computers, smartphones, tablets and TV’s have become ever more ubiquitous in our everyday lives. However, the blue light that is emanated from the screens of these devices has an effect on our body and harbours risks for the skin that shouldn’t be underestimated. In this article we talk about how you can protect yourself […]

Hydropower for the skin – The benefits of botanical hyaluronic acid

In the world of cosmetics, almost no other active ingredient is as highly regarded as hyaluronic acid. And for good reason. With its various types and special properties, hyaluronic acid is very versatile in skin care. Pale, dry skin or small wrinkles are typical of dehydrated skin. Its dried-out corneal layers need long-lasting moisturization. Even […]

The Skin’s Counterpart

COMBINATION SKIN – a balancing care series with mattifying effect An innovative manufacturing process coupled with unique raw materials helps bring combination skin into balance Precious botanical oils are like gold in the field of natural cosmetics. Placed into liquids drop by drop, they form tiny spheres that glide effortlessly upward. On their own, they […]

Skin care for your 30s: facial care for the rush hour of life

About Natural Beauty Skin care for your 30s: facial care for the rush hour of life Whether professionally or in our personal life – between 30 and 40 we face the rush hour of life. And of course, we want to look dazzling! Simply Nature explains which facial care treatments provide a fresh and energized […]


AQUANATURE – the care system range for a fresher appearance Your skin needs deep moisture to remain beautiful and supple – if the water content of the skin decreases, it becomes brittle and increased dryness wrinkles appear. The moisturizing care series AQUANATURE offers new freshness and vitality to the dehydrated skin. NATURAL CARE SUBSTANCES FOR […]

Annemarie Börlind Natural Beauty – Made in Germany’s Black Forest

Annemarie Börlind Natural Beauty – Made in Germany’s Black Forest Annemarie Börlind stands for natural cosmetics with proven efficacy, which is developed from singular raw materials through innovative and sustainable action. Using the latest scientific know-how to discover the hidden potential of nature for you with pioneering research. Experience the effects of the state-of-the-art natural […]