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Even skin aged 20+, which is still full of elasticity, needs tailored care that protects against early aging (“pre-aging”). An active lifestyle, stress and lack of sleep leave their marks – dull skin, first wrinkles caused by dryness, and dark circles round the eyes are the unwelcome accompanying symptoms.

The ENERGYNATURE care system range – System Pre-Aging, with an active ingredient developed exclusively by ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND that consists of stem cells from Black Forest rose plus organic caffeine, a menthol derivative, a phytonutrient from cress and hesperidin from the bitter orange, helps to reduce and conceal symptoms of fatigue with an extra boost of energy and moisture. For a naturally radiant complexion.

Protects against early skin-aging. Efficacy and skin-compatibility scientifically confirmed. Free of mineral oil derivatives. Vegan.