Skin care for your 30s: facial care for the rush hour of life

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Skin care for your 30s: facial care for the rush hour of life

Whether professionally or in our personal life – between 30 and 40 we face the rush hour of life. And of course, we want to look dazzling! Simply Nature explains which facial care treatments provide a fresh and energized complexion in this demanding phase of life and how you can protect your skin from first wrinkles.

Skin ageing between 30 and 40

For some, skin aging begins as early as the mid-20s, others discover the first dryness wrinkles in their early 30s. By that time at the latest, it is time not only to provide the skin with sufficient moisture, but also to specifically prevent wrinkles. Because our skin is then still in excellent condition. It effortlessly repairs minor damage, renews itself reliably within a month and appears beautifully taut and rosy. But even if the skin aging is not yet as noticeable to the eye, processes are already taking place in the deeper layers of the skin, the consequences of which only become visible a few years later. For the skin is already becoming thinner, producing less elastin and collagen. At the same time, it reacts more sensitively to stress – both external and internal! And this way, in between career and family planning, building a house or travelling the world, work and leisure stress, the skin gets its fair share of fatigue.

What facial care does the skin need from the age of 30?

But what exactly does this mean for your facial care? Which active ingredients are best for maintaining a youthful complexion? Don’t worry, you don’t need to reach for countless pots and jars. In this challenging decade of your life, you can rely on a good basic care and consistent sun protection. In addition to moisture, this should also contain ingredients that prevent pigment spots, enhance the skin’s elasticity and thus have an initial anti-aging effect on the skin. By selecting a facial care system tailored to your skin type and which, in addition to the day cream, comprises all further important care steps you are well taken care of: from cleansing and toning to applying a day and night cream, as well as an eye cream, which you should no longer do without from now on.

For dehydrated skin

For instance, the products of the Annemarie Börlind AQUANATURE series contain botanical hyaluronic acid, which intensively moisturizes the skin and upholsters the first wrinkles. In addition, the combination with papyrus stem cells stimulates cell renewal and strengthens the skin barrier. The willowherb extract contained in the serum of the AQUANATURE care series refines your complexion. The plumping eye cream with organic caffeine confers a fresh radiance to the area around the eyes.

See category: AQUANATURE

See category: AQUANATURE

For dry skin

The LL REGENERATION care system, on the other hand, is suitable for a pale complexion: the patented LL-Biocomplex vitalizes and lifts the complexion. The day cream series also provides supplementary nourishment and protection through organic shea butter. The eye wrinkle cream reduces wrinkles, nourishes the skin with high-quality vegetable oils and reduces swelling thanks to eyebright.

Alongside your facial care routine, you can give your skin a little upgrade with an intensive concentrate – whenever and as long as your skin needs a beauty boost. The HYDRO BOOSTER, for example, effectively and sustainably moisturizes the skin and fills small wrinkles. If the skin is sensitive or irritated, the SOS SENSITIVE beauty shot, with an active complex of balloon plant extract, currant seed oil and liquorice root, reduces redness and soothes the skin.

See Category:  LL REGENERATION care system

See Category:  LL REGENERATION care system

Balanced skin – Less is more!

With a balanced care routine like that, your skin remains in harmony even during stressful moments. Women in particular want to lump together everything in the much-quoted rush hour – at work as well as in their personal life. And they do it as well as possible! The same high demands they place on themselves, they also place on their appearance. And so, new products are frequently tried out, some that might be too rich or unsuitable for the individual skin type. Then there is the stress of everyday life. No wonder that more and more women over 30 are struggling with impurities and pimples. Many react by testing even more creams and new products – hoping to restore the balance of their skin. The opposite is usually the case, occasionally the over-cared for skin even reacts with pustules and pimples. If you are unsure as to which products and ingredients are suitable for you, we recommend that you have a skin analysis done by a beauticial or dermatologist.

Time out for beauty

Your time is also well invested with a professional facial treatment. Even occasional facials improve your skin’s blood circulation significantly and stimulate its metabolism. Your complexion automatically appears fresher. And there’s also this positive side effect: after just five minutes of massaging, the body begins to break down stress hormones and to relax.

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