The Skin’s Counterpart

COMBINATION SKIN – a balancing care series with mattifying effect

An innovative manufacturing process coupled with unique raw materials helps bring combination skin into balance

Precious botanical oils are like gold in the field of natural cosmetics. Placed into liquids drop by drop, they form tiny spheres that glide effortlessly upward. On their own, they do not form compounds with water. As two elements with differing natures, oil and water need an intermediary plus speed and pressure to unite them. The result is a classic component of all skin care products: an emulsion.


Depending on their consistency, these products are called creams or lotions. Differing proportions of the two components result in different properties. Oil-in-water emulsions moisturize well and are easy to spread. Water-in-oil emulsions, on the other hand, have a more pronounced replenishing effect. Both resemble our skin’s natural lipids in terms of composition and structure. But even classics sometimes need to be adapted to modern times, and in particular to our skin’s needs. In recent years, the structure of emulsions has been decoded with increasing precision. Annemarie Börlind has long used such findings to develop new technologies and products.
“In our systematic care series for combination skin, we use a special process for creating the emulsion,” explained Guylaine Le Loarer, Head of Research and Development at Annemarie Börlind’s headquarters in Germany’s Black Forest. The advantage of the resulting micro- emulsion is that it is incorporated into the outer layer of the skin instead of remaining on top of it. Experts call this “enhanced penetration.”

The tiny diameter of each drop of this type of emulsion makes the difference. To achieve it, Annemarie Börlind uses technology from the field of biochemistry in a very targeted way. Under high pressure, the pre-mixed product is pressed through tiny channels into a chamber where the emulsion streams collide. The forces that are generated create the desired fineness. Using sophisticated temperature controls during the process, this condition can in a sense be “frozen” into place. In 1997, the company received the “Dr. Rudolf Eberle Award” for this innovation. “The high-emulsification process enabled us to create an innovative texture,” says Le Loarer. “It is absorbed by the skin, moisturizing and nourishing it without leaving an oily sheen.”


This special emulsion technique is used in COMBINATION SKIN. This series regulates lipid and moisture levels by providing optimal care for normal and dry areas as well as the T-zone. The oily areas on the forehead, nose and chin are clarified and mattified. To do this, Annemarie Börlind uses ingredients like green tea and algae extracts.

Guylaine Le Loarer is especially passionate about seaweed. “The algae we have selected, a form of knotted wrack, firms the complexion and counteracts premature aging. ”This type of brown algae, with its characteristic air bladders, is particularly at home in the tumultuous littoral zones of the Atlantic. The milk-peptide complex used in the night cream has smoothing and regenerating effects.

It substance contains components called cytokines that stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis in the skin. Annemarie Börlind used a range of efficacy tests and an application study to verify these and other effects of this systematic care series. “We observed an improvement in the condition of the skin with regard to tone and reduction in sebum content,” confirmed Guylaine Le Loarer. “There was a reduction in the skin’s roughness and in the depth of wrinkles, while cell regeneration and hydration increased.” For this reason, Guylaine Le Loarer recommends the COMBINATION SKIN systematic care series for everyone, not just young people. “All age groups benefit from the balancing effect.”


What makes a microemulsion so special?

Its structure resembles that of the skin and is therefore absorbed in a particularly gentle, non-greasy way.

Which botanical ingredients does the combination skin series contain?

For example, algae extracts obtained from knotted wrack harvested in Brittany are used. It regulates sebum production, is effective against free radicals and creates a radiant complexion.

Are there other innovative ingredients?

The sugar molecule cyclodextrin is obtained enzymatically from plant starch and mattifies the complexion. A milk-peptide complex supports regeneration, increases elasticity and has a smoothing effect.


Mild Cleansing Gel

Cleansing. Balancing. Mild.
Mild surfactants* gently remove make-up and clean the face, throat and décolleté without drying out the skin. Witch hazel and algae extracts are balancing and support the thorough, gentle cleansing effect.

*The active ingredients for cleansing come from renewable raw materials and are biodegradable.

Balancing Toner

Toning. Balancing. Normalizing.
Sugar molecule cyclodextrin binds excess sebum, mattifying the complexion. Algae extracts and green tea balance, counteract free radicals and refine the skin’s appearance.

Mattifying Day Fluid

Moisturizing. Balancing. Mattifying.

Green tea and algae extracts protect against premature aging caused by light and refine the skin’s appearance. Jojoba oil preserves the skin’s moisture content. Börlind developed this emulsion with a structure similar to that of the skin to moisturize and protect without adding grease. Ideal as a primer for make-up.

Normalizing Night Cream

Nourishing. Balancing. Smoothing.

A milk peptide complex and jojoba oil support the skin’s regeneration, making it smoother and restoring its elasticity. Green tea and algae extracts protect the skin against premature aging and refine its appearance.

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