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Cleansing, regenerating, invigorating, moisturising, soothing and more – masks perform cosmetic magic.

Whether light gels or rich creams, facial masks are an indispensable component of any beauty routine. A fast-paced, active lifestyle, and sun and environmental influences, all leave their mark on your face. Masks to the rescue! They give you an extra bit of nurturing, which your skin doesn’t get every day, and they intensify your skin-type-based systematic approach to skin care.

A pampering ritual with visible effects

Indulging in this relaxing supplementary skin care ritual once or twice a week is ideal. Various factors determine which mask is suitable. In the summer, a light product is recommended, with hydration as the primary objective.

If your complexion has been exposed to intensive sunshine, a soothing mask will bring it back into balance. In the winter, dry heated air and cold outside air are hard on the skin. That’s why a richer mask is best for the cold months. As a general rule, cleanse your skin thoroughly and exfoliate if desired before applying a mask. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND’s enzyme exfoliator uses jojoba wax balls rather than mechanical particles. This naturally effective exfoliation, without microplastics, eliminates rough patches, clarifies your skin and brings fresh radiance to your complexion. It also opens your pores, allowing the mask’s effect to unfold optimally. Apply it to your cleansed facial skin using a make-up brush, applicator or fingers. It is important to avoid the eye area. If you wish, you can intensify the effect by placing a warm towel on your face.

For any zone
Multimasking trend
The skin’s needs
Dry cheeks, impurities on the nose and the beginnings of wrinkles around the eyes – different facial areas each have special requirements when it comes to skin care. Meeting
those requirements means using cleansing and skin care products that are specific to individual skin type and the particular area of the face. For example, a rich mask can lead to pesky impurities when the T-zone is oily. Clarifying masks can remove moisture from already dry cheeks.
The solution is to apply various products with different ingredients at the same time, each one well-matched to the particular area. Multimasking, also called mask mixing, follows precisely this principle. This beauty trend is the ideal solution for addressing the skin’s needs in a targeted way. By combining different facial masks, each area receives just the right kind of love, resulting in a clear, well cared for complexion.

Intensive care and well-being

If your complexion needs freshening up, just reach for our cooling, smoothing HYDRO GEL MASK. It contains botanical hyaluronic acid, which plumps up fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness. Let it take effect for ten minutes, and then remove it with warm water.

The same applies for the VITAMIN DUO MASK. It gives tired, dull skin a boost of energy. A cocktail of vitamins from goji, acai and sea buckthorn berries stimulates cell regeneration, and vitamin E from soy protects the skin from oxidative stress and premature skin aging.

Combination skin that tends to be oily will benefit from the clarifying and balancing effects of the 2 IN 1 BLACK MASK. Its texture sloughs off dead skin flakes; bit by bit, the mask’s active substances will refine your skin. Lilac counters acne, excessive sebum and shininess. Phytoplankton decreases pore size. To exfoliate, give the mask time to take effect, gently massage it in with warm water using a circular motion and then remove it.

An extra serving of beauty in just a few minutes

Some of the vegan intensive care masks may be left on the skin intentionally, with any “leftovers” being massaged in gently after giving the mask time to take effect. This applies, for example, to the SENSITIVE CREAM MASK. Its combination of active ingredients, which includes currant seed oil and balloon vine extract, soothes irritation, tension and redness.

The ANTI-AGING CREAM MASK likewise does not need to be removed. It stimulates cell regeneration using Szechuan pepper and pistachio oil, smoothing wrinkles perceptibly and effectively sharpening contours.

A nice side effect of all this fun with masks is that taking time out from everyday life is good for your soul. Your new-found energy will allow you to live life to the fullest again.

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